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Avalon Acupuncture is located in beautiful Bellingham, Washington. I am here to provide you with the tools necessary to build and maintain health and well-being. I want to be a partner in your journey toward the best version of you. Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine focuses on not only the symptoms of disease but the root cause. By using this approach I am able to help bring you back into a place of balance and ease. The result is less pain, more rest, energy and wellness.

I look forward to helping you reach your goals.
Please visit contact page or use the schedule button to make an appointment. If you have questions please feel free to call me.

How can Acupuncture help you?

Current research shows that acupuncture is effective in treating a variety of conditions including:

Pain, Soreness, Stiff Joints

Stress, Anxiety, Depression

Insomnia, Low Energy, Fatigue

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Avalon Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

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  • Faith is a miracle worker! After 1 treatment, my knee pain had diminished so much I was barely limping. She has helped with my severe arthritis, a stiff neck and I am sleeping better. I highly recommend her if you are thinking about acupuncture.

    Cheryl Baldwin Avatar Cheryl Baldwin

    Very compassionate and super easy to talk too. Very comfortable.

    todd baker Avatar todd baker

    Fantastic Service and atmosphere. Highly recommended when you are looking for quality healing and healthy alternatives.

    Nikos Lecomte Avatar Nikos Lecomte

    I decided to try acupuncture because my Lupus flare-ups were getting in the way of living comfortably and nothing else was working. Acupuncture with Faith has helped with that and so much more. I am so thankful for Faith; I haven’t had a headache in weeks and my body doesn’t get in the way of doing what I need to do every day while taking on the stressors from balancing school, work, etc. Deciding to do acupuncture with Faith has truly been life changing!! And I would recommend her to anyone that not only wants to try acupuncture but that wants the most comfortable and safe experience! Thank you Faith!!

    Maya Becerra Avatar Maya Becerra
  • This is one of the first places I’ve sat down at where someone has actually LISTENED to what’s going on with my body. After issues with high blood pressure, stress, fatigue and cycle concerns, I was able to get off medication and actually feel better. I went from a skeptic to a believer! Clean, patient, knowledgeable and kind care. I’d highly recommend it!

    Katherine Brossard Avatar Katherine Brossard

    Highly recommended! I love working with Faith. My life took a major turn for the better starting with my first session. I live with a challenging chronic health situation that has improved with my sessions. Her knowledge, experience and compassion gives me hope and confidence in myself. Faith holds a very safe and comforting safe for healing to unfold.

    panther moon Avatar panther moon

    What an experience! I never tried acupuncture or eastern medicine approaches and Faith warmly guided me through a 6 week process to help me manage my stress and overuse injuries through the peaceful and meditative process of acupuncture. It was painless and subtle. I was not suffering acute pain like many who experience immediate relief. Instead, Faith helped me re-balance and provide a weekly calming, warm, relaxing space to heal and move forward with my wellness goals. This winter she will help me with my seasonal allergies to conifers as well and I am looking forward to a more natural way to manage them. I would highly recommend working with her in her beautiful, cozy office in the Herald Building which is so easy to park and get to downtown!

    Michelle Harmeier Avatar Michelle Harmeier

    My dr referred me to Faith for back and hip pain. While coupled with physical therapy, I experienced the most relief from my acupuncture. I enjoyed my chats with Faith and have since recommended her practice to several people in Bellingham.

    Bellingham Pagan Market Avatar Bellingham Pagan Market
  • Faith is wonderful. She listens to what you tell her, observes you and provides the care your body needs. I have had acupuncture and utilized some Chinese medicines. I am totally satisfied with the care I received and will continue using Avalon.

    Chris Sutton Avatar Chris Sutton

    I have had a great experience with Faith’s acupuncture! It has helped me manage sone of my MS symptoms as well as scars from my many surgeries! She is great! Highly recommend!

    joannmarie vanderyacht Avatar joannmarie vanderyacht

    In one treatment, Faith relieved a lower-back pain that I have had for probably fifteen years. (I was so accustomed to this pain that I hadn't even seen her for that issue -- Faith checked my pulses and asked me if my lower back was hurting.) Over the years I had tried many different types of treatments to no avail, but I can't tell you how amazing it is to be free of this. It's been a few weeks now - still good. She is a healer. Thank you!

    Valerie Richardson Avatar Valerie Richardson

    Brilliant experience in such a short amount of time. Several perplexing and nagging health problems were finally shifted in working with Faith. After over half a year of trying other things and countless tests, it was her quick understanding of my system and the likely root causes and interconnections between things that made a dent in these problems. Looking forward to continue working with her in the future!

    Heidi Higginbottom Avatar Heidi Higginbottom
  • I began seeing Faith about a month ago. I was struggling to find an acupuncturist through my insurance company. she was the only person who help guide me through the referral process between my PCP, Ins. Co, and her. My reason for seeking her help was for the cervical pain I was experiencing from mild nerve compression, spurs on the spine and arthritis. My goal was to be pain free and not get steroid injections as suggested by my Doctors. After my 1st visit I noticed less pain. We are still working on eliminating the pain and I feel with each visit this will be accomplished. Faith is a very comfortable, warm, and knowledgeable person. Her office is clean, she only allows one person in her space at a time. I love her heated bed and the allotted time always feels sufficient. 5 stars for sure.

    L Affek Avatar L Affek

    Faith's purple cloud ointment is amazing! We use it for everything and it works wonders on my daughter's eczema, so much so that we don't have to use the steroid cream recommended by my pediatrician. My daughter asks for it anytime she is hurt, she says it fixes everything☺️ and now that it comes in a tube like chapstick I can take it anywhere and it makes putting it on super easy!

    Amber Hunt Avatar Amber Hunt

    I started seeing Faith in my 35th week of pregnancy to support flipping my baby in a breech position. I have never been to an acupuncturist before and while not resistant, I just had no idea what to expect. Faith was so reassuring, professional, and supportive of my goals and clearly explained how and why things worked. AND TEHY DID WORK! My sweet girl flipped after a week of at home treatments and several office visits. I cannot recommend Faith or her services enough- even if you're not sure what you need, her intuition and support are unequaled. I will be returning after my baby is born and look forward to a long relationship.

    Allison Chryst Avatar Allison Chryst

    I've been seeing Faith for a little over two years now. When I first saw her for a chronic shoulder issue, she sensed something was off, prompting me to get a blood panel and other tests. I discovered that I had extremely high blood sugar and cholesterol. I was diagnosed T2 diabetic at the age of 39. I made some sweeping dietary changes, and in conjunction with acupuncture, have been able to get my blood sugar and cholesterol levels to within normal limits. She has counseled and advised me on my diet, and has provided much needed relief for several pain issues related to snowboarding, and most recently, gout. She has a gently touch, and listens well during the course of treatments. I highly recommend Faith at Avalon.

    Giancarlo Gacad Avatar Giancarlo Gacad
  • Faith is attentive, knowledgeable, and thorough! Her holistic approach has tremendously impacted my overall health. I am highly impressed by her practice, professionalism, and warmth.

    Ana Cortez Avatar Ana Cortez

    I can only say good things about Faith and her business! I came in hardly being able to stand up straight with chronic back pain that was sciatica. At the time I couldn’t sit for more than 10min without being in pain. For several months I had tried chiropractic, medications, and some physical therapy and a spineologist said I might consider surgery as an option. I reached out to Faith as a last resort and after 5 sessions I noticed a real difference. It only took about 10 sessions total for complete healing! A year later and I’ve had no back pain since! Absolutely incredible. If you’re on the fence, I’d ask yourself: how serious are you about getting better? If you’ve tried everything else, what do you have to lose? Try it for a month and then see if there’s a difference!

    Bryn Knapp Avatar Bryn Knapp

    I started acupuncture to help me work on digestive issues. Faith is a wonderful person and a skilled practitioner. She had great advice about dietary changes and set me up with Chinese herbs. All in all, I have definitely experienced improvements in digestive health. I also noticed other subtle changes to my state of mind when I was getting acupuncture on a weekly basis. During a stressful & busy time in my life (my first quarter of grad school during a pandemic), Faith helped me feel more balanced. She is a very grounding presence and her office is lovely. I feel that I am a little more cautious than most about Covid-19, and I felt safe with her protocol. I wholeheartedly recommend Avalon Acupuncture if you are curious about what acupuncture can do for you.

    Ashlee Carstens Avatar Ashlee Carstens

    I highly recommend Faith's services. I injured my left arm in a bike accident. The x-rays showed no fractures but the pain was so excruciating I could hardly move my arm.  I saw a myofascial release practitioner and chiropractor which I'm sure helped but after a month post accident, the pain was still so severe my normal activities were severely limited. That was a big scare for someone who is 69 years old! After just two appointments with Faith, I started to see an improvement. After a few more appointments, I'm back to my normal self. Faith is a skilled practitioner. She is knowledgeable and observant and notices the most subtle things. I am so glad I found Faith.

    Jaci Nicolai Avatar Jaci Nicolai
  • Going to Avalon Acupuncture is always a wonderful experience and I can't say enough about Faith. She is great at tackling pain points by using a combination of acupuncture, cupping, and Chinese herbs. Looking forward to my next session with her!

    Matt A Avatar Matt A

    I can't say enough good things about Faith. I'm a Chiropractor in the community and the people I refer to her have nothing but good things to say. She's professional, looks deeply into the issue and uses her acupuncture and Chinese medicine background to find the major hitters in a problem. I've also started seeing her for some skin issues I've been having. The herbal rubs she has recommended have made a big difference and I feel well cared for every time I leave an appointment. Check her out to see how she can help 🙂

    Richard Tran Avatar Richard Tran

    She is a miracle worker! Not only is she super informative and honest, but I’m currently pregnant and she has been able to help my sicknesses with certain teas and remedies that are baby safe. I highly recommend her!!

    Paige Davidson Avatar Paige Davidson

    Faith is a skilled practitioner. She truly listens and treats accordingly. After a treatment, I experience improvement and less pain. And some of the best relaxation/rest I get is during a treatment! Highly recommend Avalon Acupuncture!

    Kerri Holferty Avatar Kerri Holferty
  • I highly recommend Faith! 11 months ago I developed what I thought was sciatic nerve pain, especially near my sitz bones. I assumed sitting at a computer for my job was the cause. Despite switching to a standing desk/ergonomic chair, and increasing my yoga and stretching routine, the pain progressively increased over the past 10 months. After only one treatment from Faith, I experienced significant improvement. A few sessions later and the pain is almost entirely gone! Thank you, Faith!

    Jennifer Van Egmond Avatar Jennifer Van Egmond

    No matter the issue, Faith’s comprehensive knowledge and intuition inform my treatments. In each situation my concerns are addressed: pain, sleeplessness, anxiety, tonifying; she has effectively done it all! I highly recommend this skilled and caring practitioner.

    Nancy Mullane Avatar Nancy Mullane

    I was hospitalized with a 5mm kidney stone that was stuck in the ureter. Because I was born with Spina Bifida, my anatomy is a bit different and I needed more intervention than someone else might. They performed a nephrostomy which is a tube directly in the back and into the kidney with an external bag that collected the urine so the fluid would not back up into the kidney and cause damage. I was a mess and felt so vulnerable when I had my first treatment with Faith. She was so compassionate and put me at ease immediately. I was scheduled to have the kidney stone broken up in the hospital in a few weeks. I had 3 acupuncture treatments with Faith and when I was on the operating table they were looking for the kidney stone using ultrasound and they couldn't find it, it had passed. There was no stone and no obstruction. I didn't need the procedure and they took the nephrostomy tube out and sent me home. I was elated! I called Faith right away with the news that the treatment was successful! Faith is very skilled in acupuncture and Chinese medicine and I have full 'faith' in her and will continue to have treatment from her. -KD

    Kim Duff Avatar Kim Duff

    My five year old daughter has severe eczema. We have tried all different kinds of lotions but none truly make it go away and many sting her poor skin. We used a special skin ointment given to us by Faith and it helped heal my daughter's skin within days. Now whenever she starts to get an eczema patch she asks for the "magic lotion" because she knows it will make it go away fast. If you have skin issues I would highly recommend that you visit Faith for help.

    Chris Montrose Avatar Chris Montrose
  • I had one treatment for kidney stones today; not one time before. I was scheduled for surgery at the end of the month but I thought I would try and get a little relief just to buy me some time till then. That appointment is now null and void, because within 20 minutes after leaving Avalon Acupuncture in Chinese Medicine, I passed my largest stone... 8 mm! Literally months of agony gone just like that! Faith Foster is the absolute best and I encourage you to find out for yourself! Thank you, Faith!

    April S Avatar April S