Chinese Medicine Remedies for COVID-19

Did you know that Chinese medicine and herbs can help expedite recovery and reduce the harmful side effects of the dreaded COVID-19? Chinese medicine is a powerful tool and can be used to recover from many different ailments. Faith Foster of Avalon Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine is well versed in many of the uses of each herb on the market today. Although there are no proven treatments for this terrible disease, many are encouraging the use of Chinese herbs for symptom relief of COVID-19.

East vs West

Eastern practitioners believe Chinese herbal remedies are safe because their use and side effects have been documented for thousands of years. Whereas, some Western medical practitioners caution against the use of Chinese herbs simply because of the belief that “we are dealing with a serious infection which requires effective treatments”. The use of certain herbs familiar to TCM practitioners in treating the symptoms of COVID-19 are well documented. Although there is no claim that Chinese medicine will cure you, rest assured that if you are experiencing symptoms, you will gain relief through Chinese herbs and medicine.

Dampness in the Body and TCM

You are likely already familiar with qi’s concept that it is vital energy helping our bodies sustain health. Boosting your qi is known to reduce dampness within the body, and therefore keep COVID-19 from settling into your lungs and body. There are already multiple TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) treatments recommended by the Chinese health ministry, including powders, injectable therapies, pills, and decoctions – herbal teas. Through rigorous preliminary studies, using a basis of “comparative experiments” such as H1N1 studies, people with COVID-19 get better two days earlier than without the Chinese herbal treatments. Studies show that preventive Chinese medicine reduces infection time and prevents patients from progressing to severe or critical. 

Reducing COVID-19 Symptoms 

Although there is no proof that these Chinese herbs are effective against COVID-19,  blind trials show improvement over the study groups that did not have the herbal remedies. The primary concern from a western medicine perspective is that sick people will avoid western medicine in favor of these herbs, causing their illness to worsen. We believe that using acupuncture and Chinese medicine in tandem with western medicine will improve your chances of having a milder case of COVID-19 than otherwise noted.

Eastern and western medicine practices can go hand in hand when infused intelligently. If you would like a consultation and are interested in learning more about TCM and how it can increase your recovery time, call Faith Foster with Avalon Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine at 360-220-0226 to make an appointment today. Faith is highly accomplished and qualified in acupuncture and Chinese Medicine treatments.Book your appointment with Faith today and enjoy the vast benefits to your health all winter long.

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