I have been rediscovering the use of moxibustion in Chinese Medicine and was excited to see a reminder that Spring “Moxa Season” is January 25th through February 22nd this year. During this time Moxa is used to strengthen the constitution, by building Qi and Blood. It increases immunity, and can help pain attributed to the cold, damp weather. What is Moxibustion? It is a form of heat therapy utilizing the herb Ai Ye, or mugwort (Artemisia) which is known for its warming and nourishing properties. It is used as an adjunct to acupuncture. Moxa comes in various forms and is applied to certain acupoints to achieve the qi and blood building benefits. Traditionally people visit their Chinese Medicine practitioner as often as possible during this time to receive Moxa treatments for the purposes listed above. You can also learn about the proper points and the techniques so that you can implement this highly effective treatment in your own home between visits. Kits are available in my office following proper instruction. Moxibustion is used throughout the year to increase vitality and enhance the healing energy of acupuncture. If you are looking for another tool in your tool belt to build immunity and protect yourself against illness please call me or book an appointment online today. I would love to be of service.

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