Autumn: Lungs and Letting Go

Autumn is a time for harvesting and introspections. It is an excellent opportunity to let go of the things that are no longer serving you, and make room for new opportunities in life. Have you noticed in the fall, you feel a touch of grief and the need to purge? Well, Autumn is a time when our lungs become a focus; the primary emotion associated with your lungs is grief. The partner organ to the lung is your large intestine. The large intestine holds the final job of processing waste and releasing what is no longer needed in your body.

Lungs, the Large Intestine, and Letting Go

When dealing with excessive grief, or you find that you are reliving things in your past, it is vital to pay special attention to your breathing. Your breath is associated with excessive attachment and letting go of the unhealthy. If the Qi in your lungs is weak, you may find yourself plagued with extreme grief or sadness.

If you find that you are dealing with chronic constipation, take a hard look at what patterns in life that you are holding onto. Your large intestine could be telling you something that you may or may not yet be aware of.

How do we best support these organs?

We have put together a list of things you can do to help strengthen your lungs and large intestine during this time of introspection and gathering.

Releasing Negativity

It is common for us to feel that negative things are out of control in our lives, and we cannot manage them. However, if we take a good look at how these things are affecting our lives, we can become more aware and understand them better. In Autumn, when our lung energy is at its peak, we are better equipped to take control of our feelings and purge the negativity from our lives. Joy and positivity are some of the primary things that help feed our thriving energy and help us become healthier and happier humans. 

Connecting with Nature

By taking walks outside in nature, we connect with the earth’s energy and become more grounded. Take time to go outdoors, notice the changing season, see the flowers in bloom, and the colors all around you. The clean crip air is a gentle way to remind us to take long, slow deep breaths and allow our lungs to expand.

Cleansing our Surroundings

Fall is a time for purging. Letting go of the old is such a freeing experience, and it allows room for new experiences to enter into your life and all the joy, awe, and inspiration that it brings. Cleansing could mean something as small as going through your computer and purging old files, or as exciting as reorganizing your closet, taking each item out to hold and see if it still brings you joy. If it no longer brings you joy, offer it to someone else or donate to a charity. Look deep into your cupboards and see what you no longer need, or if your items are expired. Sorting and organizing provide a sense of comfort, which in turn allows room for contentment.

Ward Off the Wind

Keeping warm is said to ward off many illnesses. Taking care of yourself with something as simple as wearing a scarf can help prevent cold from your neck, which is thought to be the easiest place for a chill to enter into your body. Scarves are also stylish and portable; they can prevent you from getting cold and help protect your lungs, which are the only organs in your body that come in direct contact with the outside elements.

Autumn Eating

Nourishing your body and eating warming foods is said to be beneficial in the fall, to ward off illnesses and boost your immune system. Fall is a time to transition your eating from cooling foods such as salads and raw vegetables to foods with longer cooking times. Soups and stews have longer cooking times and are warming to your lungs and body which in turn are easier to digest. We recommend eating a large variety of food such as pickled items like sauerkraut, and olives, heartier foods like beans and rice, eating root vegetables such as sweet potatoes, radishes, onion, garlic, and fruits like grapes, lemons, apples & plums, or nuts which are also beneficial.
If you are curious about strengthening your lungs and building up your immune system through healthful living, Chinese medicine and acupuncture may help you find what you are seeking. Call Faith Foster with Avalon Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine at 360-220-0226 to make an appointment today. Faith is highly accomplished and qualified in acupuncture and Chinese Medicine treatments. Book your appointment with Faith today and enjoy the vast benefits to your health all winter long.

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