Dog Days of Summer

Do you wish to carry summer’s health and energy with you into the winter months? According to the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine, we can use acupuncture and herbs to help harness our current health during these summer months and carry us through during the winter months. This type of treatment helps keep our immune systems strong and healthy, using abundant summertime Yang energy. 

What is San Fu Moxa?

Have you heard of San Fu Moxa? San Fu Moxa is a specific acupuncture treatment where small patches of herbs are applied to particular acupuncture points along the back on specific days during the Dog Days of  Summer. The San Fu dates for 2020 are July 26th, August 5th, & August 15th. San Fu treatments have shown to be effective when repeated three times throughout the hottest days of summer, so fear not if you are unable to schedule on those specific dates, schedule in for treatment as your schedule allows to help boost your immune system. 

Summertime Yin Energy 

We generally try to avoid excess heat in the summer while nourishing our summertime Yang energy. In the winter months, we nourish our Yin and embrace the warmth food and herbs can provide. San Fu is a time of exception during the summer when we welcome the warmth. Warming herbs used to target the lungs and bolster our Qi. The Dog Days of Summer is a time when warming foods are also encouraged, even though the weather is warm. Ginger tea is also encouraged to help you sweat and is used as a staple in our diets to benefit your stomach and spleen.

Blending Eastern and Western Medicine

Many people work long hours, are exposed to other’s illnesses in the workplace and other public places, and let’s face it, with COVID-19 staring us in the face, what do we have to lose by investing in bolstering our immune systems? For thousands of years, Chinese Medicine has played a big part in health and wellness. Blending Eastern and Western Medicine into our daily lives can only benefit our wellness as we face down this scary virus that has shaken the world to its core.

Immune System Boosting

San Fu is known to utilize summertime heat and the open pores that come with it to aid in the absorption of herb poultices applied during these acupuncture treatments. When the Dog Days of Summer are upon us, we have a unique opportunity to infuse our bodies with healing and immune-boosting herbs, which is why San Fu is so effective.

We are already washing our hands to prevent the spread of germs. However, there are more steps we can take during this time of year to embrace our health. Acupuncture and herbs are an excellent way to help bolster our immune system. 
 San Fu Moxa treatments are known to prevent recurring colds, asthma, and allergies. If you have any of these symptoms and are ready to take charge of your health, call Faith Foster with Avalon Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. Faith is highly accomplished and qualified in acupuncture and Chinese Medicine treatments. Book your appointment with Faith today and enjoy the vast benefits to your health all winter long.

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